Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 10... days do not happen one after another in my world, there are gaps.


At least this way, I'll post 365 posts, even if it doesn't happen exactly in 365 days. DD was playing around in her room yesterday and I threw open the window and started snapping. I don't have many shots of her looking at me, because she was too busy exploring her world! Big brother decided to come in and play, and he was a little more cooperative about sitting in one place so I could actually get a picture of him! Anyway, these are the best of the lot. 
First though, messy faced DD- crappy pic, had to use a high ISO b/c it was indoors and the lighting wasn't great (will try again once my lightscoop gets here!), but the vigor with which she ate mashed potatoes just could not go undocumented! I'm still finding mashed potatoes....

And DD exploring... This edit might be a bit dark, but I like it. :) If you want to try to do better, let me know and I'll ship you the original.

Hmm, what's that over there???
Ohhhh, Mommy's lens cap! This looks interesting....

Oops! It slipped!

And yes, my lens cap got slobbered upon. Fun times. Lesson learned to put it in a safe place, not just leave it lay on the floor for a baby to eat.

With big brother, before sis hollered because she wanted to be let go so she could continue her exploration... 

And brother. Thank goodness for four year olds who can take some direction! Man he's gotten tan this summer! Who says boys can't rock a pink background (this is Lily's room color, by the way!).



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