Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 3: Happy actual 4th of July!

Took the kiddo's last night to the fireworks near my parent's house- they were beautiful, as usual. I decided to try out taking pictures of the fireworks, something I've tried before with my crappy point and shoot, resulting in, obviously, little success. This time, however, armed with newfound knowledge and the ability to manual adjust the settings on my camera... well, I'm sure they could be better, but I think they're pretty darn cool!

Grandma and grandpa loved getting to spend some time with the kiddo's- thought it would be a great time to capture some memories of them spending the 4th together.

And, the lovely fireworks: All were shot with ISO 200 and at f/11, some were shot using a 4 second exposure, others 3 second- it didn't seem to make too huge of a difference.


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