Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 12: Lightscoop fun!

I heard through the photography board about a device called a Lightscoop that helps you to be able to use a pop up flash indoors and get better results, though, according to the guru's, the best thing for indoor shots is a speedlight, which is a seperate flash you attach to your camera. Since that's not in the budget right now, the lightscoop, at $20, was a much thriftier way to get better indoor shots.

So, of course, when a new toy arrives, what else do you do, but test it out? Below is my son, who so graciously volunteered to be my lightscoop guinea pig. I got the settings sorted out, and then took a pic sans flash, with direct flash, and with the lightscoop, to showcase the difference it made. Here's what came out of the wash: Settings for all three pictures were: ISO 800, SS 1/200, f/4.
First shot, no flash.

Second shot, pop up flash.

Third shot, flash with lightscoop.

And a couple of cutie pie shots, just for fun.
Aiden making a funny face:

Lily none to pleased that brother was messing with her or that Mommy wanted to take pictures- she had exploring to do!

So, not a speedlight, obviously, but it does make a remarkable difference! The lightscoop and I shall be friends this winter, me thinks. Or, at least until Santa brings Mommy a speedlight?


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