Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 9. I know, there is no day 6-8.

o, maybe this whole 365 thing is a little too structured for me. I'm apparently, not even a week in, not very good at posting every day. I'm pretty good about taking pictures everyday though. Which is more important in a 365 blog??

To catch up on the past couple of days... Lily was actually awake in the evening b/c we'd been out running errands, and she was looking cute, so, I set her out on the front lawn in front of the snapdragons that had come up this year even though I didn't plant them- so much for them being an annual! My front garden is essentially overrun by snapdragons, but I'm ok with this because they're among my favorite flowers. I love little surprises like that though. Some zinnias came back this year as well. I like plants that I don't have to plant. I even have a tomato plant that came out of nowhere, next to my azalea, so I staked it today, and we'll see what kind of tomatoes it grows! What an adventure!

Here is afternoon sunlight Lily untouched. I think I got the settings right- the coloring is on the warm side, but I think (hope!) that has more to do with the light than anything I did.

I love that pouty lip! The next four pictures were among my favorite shots that I captured- these I played around with in Photoshop. I'm not quite sure about the black and white- something is off about it. But I hopefully didn't botch the others too badly- I like the look of them at least!

My next big adventure in photography was trying to take action shots at Aiden's karate class. I'm a shutter speed failure though- why I thought 1/160 was fast, when I should have been at more like, 1/600...   Oh well, that's what practice is about and we learn from our mistakes. So, next class, I'm bumping the ISO from 1600 to, well, I'll fiddle with that, but something higher, and up my shutter speed. For posterity, and to compare whether or not I improve in this area, here are a couple of pictures from this attempt: 
First picture is my little guy- he's got great form. Hehe!

And these are of one of his classmates- I blocked out part of his face since I didn't have permission from his mother to post it...

Now, these weren't taken with flash, which, for me, is a huge improvement based upon where I would have been a few weeks ago. I'm excited to see if I can do better- maybe by the time DS is a black belt, I'll be able to take some rockin' pics of him!


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